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My first words..

Ever wonder what your first words were as a child? I actually haven’t until just now, there was no pressure to say the right thing. Your parents were probably just happy to hear you mumble something like daaaahh..which to them, obviously meant dad, and.. you were automatically a child prodigy genius in their eyes.

I guess in my first blog today, my “first” words to the world of bloggers, blog readers, blog wanna-be writers who are still fearful onlookers, is….. I’m tired of being a fearful onlooker. I love writing and have been writing since I was just a wee girl…(just ask my ma) and so, with these being my first words to you, I realize that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

All it takes is a first word to get the ball rolling.. More words to share with you soon. Thanks for reading & I shall return w/more random blogs soon.